Saturday, March 7, 2009

Okay, I really need to get this thing started

I'm actually taking a good amount of pictures at decently regular intervals now that I should be able to get this going. I personally don't think any of my work is any good yet... so I'll start this off with my 2 favorite shots of all time, then do a little bit of back logging (hopefully not too much), then fill it in with some more recent stuff. So I'll probably end up back logging this post about a month or two after I get it caught up. But so my 2 favorite shots:

This one was taken one random day when Deng and I decided to head to the SL Marina because it's there, but for some reason we never shot it. Turned out there were a few people flying kites, and I got this capture. As we walked over to the other side, we discovered the kite was actually a pink Disney princesses kite. For some reason that killed it a little bit for me.

Crissy Field on one of the fucking coldest nights during winter break. Deng and I have the genius idea of going out for the shot. It was COLD as hell. There were still people running the trail at that time though. Craaaaaaazy

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I has photoblog now.
Hopefully, this will be something I can look back on for memories and to see how I've (hopefully) progressed in my photography. Every post before this, though is backlogged stuff so that I can have something because right now I'm cameraless.