Saturday, March 7, 2009

Okay, I really need to get this thing started

I'm actually taking a good amount of pictures at decently regular intervals now that I should be able to get this going. I personally don't think any of my work is any good yet... so I'll start this off with my 2 favorite shots of all time, then do a little bit of back logging (hopefully not too much), then fill it in with some more recent stuff. So I'll probably end up back logging this post about a month or two after I get it caught up. But so my 2 favorite shots:

This one was taken one random day when Deng and I decided to head to the SL Marina because it's there, but for some reason we never shot it. Turned out there were a few people flying kites, and I got this capture. As we walked over to the other side, we discovered the kite was actually a pink Disney princesses kite. For some reason that killed it a little bit for me.

Crissy Field on one of the fucking coldest nights during winter break. Deng and I have the genius idea of going out for the shot. It was COLD as hell. There were still people running the trail at that time though. Craaaaaaazy

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